April 21, 2024

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Top 5 Reasons Digital Publishers Use WordPress CMS

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Top 5 Advantage of the WordPress CMS Platform - EASY Ones!


The world has moved online. Publishers who once published daily papers now create web content. Some of them have even switched entirely to the web. Online visitors are in abundance, and web publications can satisfy the needs of subscribers. Unlike with the papers, publishers can include multimedia content like GIFs and audio to their site. 


To power these websites, you need a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is the most popular of these systems, and it powers about 30% of the internet. Some big websites like CNN and Playstation run on WordPress. Visit allreviews for more information on media. 


This article will look at 5 major reasons why WordPress is the popular choice for digital publishers. On allreviews, you can access reviews related to online services


  1. WordPress is an Open Source CMS


An Open-source CMS allows users to access the building codes of their site and tweak some functionalities to suit their taste. This feature makes WordPress a flexible tool and gives it an edge over other content management systems that adopt a closed-source system. In the fast-paced publishing world, having to wait for officially-endorsed functionalities can prove to be cumbersome. 


  1. Longevity


WordPress has existed for years. While this may seem superficial, it is crucial because people are more likely to trust traditional platforms. Unlike some other new CMS platforms, it would be harder for WordPress to close shop. 

The issue of longevity is also evident in the depth of the WordPress community. You will easily find solutions for your WordPress problems in online communities because of its superior number of users — many of whom are developers.


  1. WordPress has Abundant Plugins and Themes to Choose From


Plugins add functionalities to your site. For the less tech-savvy individual, editing codes might seem to be a daunting task. While it is easy to tweak WordPress codes, some users prefer to use plugins. 

There are nearly 60,000 free WordPress plugins, and users can download and enable them to handle tasks. There are also many themes to pick. A site’s layout or interface is essential, and you would have lots of options to select on WordPress.


  1. WordPress is Cheap


WordPress is a free platform. However, you need to pay to host your site. The fee varies depending on the provider, but you can get a secured shared hosting for as low as $15 monthly. With this fee, you can do as much as run e-commerce on your site. Compared to other CMS platforms that offer even fewer functionalities, this is a steal.


  1. Full Ownership of Content


Beyond being an open-source system, the flexibility of WordPress allows users to save or export their content with ease. You may decide to transfer your entire website onto a new CMS platform (for whatever reason) or transfer content to a new WordPress template or switch hosting providers. 

Most other CMS platforms do not offer this freedom. In some, you may only be able to export posts without media content. If you do want to do export media content, then you may have to download them manually. Either that or you build the website again from scratch — which is also tedious.




WordPress is not the popular choice for no reason. The reasons above are just a few out of the many advantages of WordPress. For a platform to have survived for that long, it means that it is flexible and dynamic enough to keep up with the rapid changes of the modern world.


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