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15 reasons why Cork businesses need an SEO strategy

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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is one of the most underutilised tools for businesses in Co. Cork

This, in simple terms, is the process of improving your sites overall performance in order to increase its visibility when people search for your products or services on Google, Bing or any other form of search engine –

The higher you feature on the search results page, the more likely the browser will click on your website. In fact, it is estimated that 92% of traffic will select a result from page 1 of Google with 67.5% of the audience then selecting a website from the top 5 organic results.

The pandemic saw the need for SEO rise exponentially, as consumers shifted En-masse and embraced online shopping with even the most traditional, bricks-and-mortar style businesses realising they needed to speed up their digital transitions. By working with an SEO Services Company, you’re engaging in the most viable and cost-effective method to reach potential customers in moments that matter.

SEO certainly improves a website’s overall searchability, but what does it truly offer? Why is the role of SEO growing at such a rate? Here are 15 reasons why your business needs a strong SEO strategy.

1. Organic Search is the Primary Source of Website Traffic

93% of all online experiences start with a Search engine. Without even realising it, organic searches are a huge part of your business’ website performance and a critical component of the entire consumer funnel. Google is the most visited website in the world, it’s also the most popular email provider across the world so we know that the vast majority of people in the world with internet access are visiting Google at least once per day to get information. Being a highly visible, trusted resource in the eyes of Google and other search engines will always work in your favour. To get to this point, you’ll need a high-quality website and the assistance of an SEO Company.

2. Local SEO leads to increased traffic, engagement & Conversions

Local SEO strives to optimise your digital content for a specific area, for example if you were a West Cork Builder you might want to capture the traffic of people who type “House Extensions Cork” or “ Solar Panels Cork” – This is done in such a way so that people can find you quickly, easily and this places your business right in front of a potential client when they are actively searching to purchase or engage. By working with an SEO Company like Digital Funnel, our SEO experts will be optimising your website and content to be as relevant as possible to your local area. We do this by securing local backlinks to your website, listing your business in local business listings, updating and optimising your Google My Business profile and collaborating with our Digital PR team.

One of the most integral parts of Local SEO is the ability it gives your business to rank in the local map pack. The local map pack is that small box that appears above the organic listings. As you can see in the photo above, Digital Funnel appears in the Local Map Pack for the search term “SEO Cork” According to a survey undertaken by HubSpot, up to 75% of people don’t even click on the second page of the Google Search Results, so appearing in this Local Map Pack is vital for local search success.

3. SEO helps you understand your consumers

SEO actively informs us what consumers want and need. The data derived from SEO, spoken or word-based, presents us with clear signals of intent and overall user behaviour – From Search Engine Results Page analysis, search query data, and analytical/AI insights. In short, we can see patterns of what the most popular services and products are from the search traffic numbers.

4. Good SEO improves the user experience

User experience should be top of everyone’s priority list. If you don’t have a great overall online experience for your consumers, you’re going to lose them, plain and simple! By optimising your user experience, you’re actually showing Google that you are a great site to engage with and you will be rewarded. The search engine has learned how to interpret a good or bad experience, and this is now absolutely integral to a website’s success. Customers know what they want when they reach a website, if they can’t find it, you’ve got a problem and in turn your performance will suffer. The two biggest issues that need immediate attention are a slow website and poorly designed site navigation. Did you know that you’re 53% more likely to appear on page 1 of the search results if your homepage features a video? At the end of the day, It’s all about engagement.

5. SEO = Credibility & Trust

Any experienced SEO Services Cork agent will know that the key to great results is to first, establish a hardy foundation by constructing an efficient and aesthetically pleasing website. Our Web Design team can help here, if you’re starting from scratch or looking to update. From here, you can begin to establish online authority which is accrued over time thanks to optimised on-page content, natural link building and positive user experience.

Just like in reality, authority and trust is built over time, so do not expect overnight results. Establishing your business as an authority takes commitment and patience, it also relies on you offering a fantastic product to your customers, this allows them to trust you.

6. SEO Is Constantly changing, improving and updating

SEO is a constant battle where the rules are consistently shifting and changing. The search world effectively evolves at the discretion of Google, it requires constant monitoring for changes and to stay ahead of the competition. Our SEO experts are constantly, proactively monitoring for algorithm changes to ensure your business and website stays prominently placed. Google actually changes the algorithm hundreds of times per year, by working with us you’re ensuring your website isn’t the casualty of any sudden changes. The most high-profile example of this occurred first in 2011, when Google rolled out the “Panda” update. This actively punished what Google viewed as ‘low quality’ websites and reportedly affected 12% of the entire global search results! Similarly, in 2015, Google introduced the Mobilegeddon update which seriously punished websites that did not have a decent, mobile-friendly site which actually affected a number of high-profile sites like the Huffington Post.

7. SEO Cork is Cost Effective and Relatively Cheap

The good things in life don’t come for free, but you don’t need to break the bank either. In the grand scheme of things SEO is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing techniques. The payoff will be considerable in due course. Many refer to SEO as an actual business investment, not a marketing cost. A great, thorough SEO campaign will bear fruit for years to come and will only get better with the more time (and investment) it gets.

8. SEO & Digital PR

SEO helps to build long term, beneficial equity for your grand. High rankings, strong domain authority and excellent placements elevate your business to the next level. At Digital Funnel, we offer a Digital PR service, which works very similarly to its more traditional counterpart but places an emphasis on securing strong placements for your business in powerful online publications. Our SEO experts and Digital PR team, work in tandem to create engaging content that positions your business as an industry leader.

9. SEO is a Long-Term Strategy

SEO produces great results, but it is a slow burn – Within the first year SEO can have a noticeable impact and these results tend to last for more than several years. Even a site that is just brushed with some very basic SEO best practices will see some improvements in a relatively short space of time. However when it comes to dealing with SEO, you’re in for the long haul – The more time, effort and overall budget committed to it means the longer and better chance a website stands to be a big contender in the market.

10. SEO is Quantifiable

SEO doesn’t offer the same easily calculatable results as a paid search campaign would, but we measure and track all of our progress through extremely transparent methods and keep you informed of the progress made, every step of the way. Businesses always want to know where they are now, where they were before and where they can go when it comes to digital performance, especially when it comes to SEO. Monthly reports and tracking on specific key phrases, keyword terms and more, mean that you’re along for the journey and never left in the dark. Every website should also have Google Analytics to report on traffic numbers, source of traffic, conversion rate and other vital metrics

11. If You’re not on Page One, You’re losing Business

More people than ever before are inputting a search into google, getting their answer on the search page without even clicking onto a website, the search intent of the user is satisfied without them ever actually clicking into a link – If your business isn’t appearing on the first page of Google you’re losing business, simple as. A recent study undertaken by Search Engine Journal reported that the first three organic search ranking positions receive 50% of all the click throughs, where as up to 30% of all the results on page 1 and 2 don’t get clicked on at all. But what does this mean? Three things –

  • If you’re not appearing on Page 1, you have to be.
  • Zero-click results win out
  • There are still a lot of cases where users input a search query and can’t find exactly what they set out to find.


12. Working with an SEO Company Cork highlights new opportunities

High-Quality SEO will always find new ways of discovering potential opportunities for brands to be discovered. By enlisting the help of an SEO Services Cork agency like Digital Funnel you’re ensuring you’re getting the best help from a team that is just as immersed in your business as you are. New opportunities can arise from content creation, leading to significant placements and in turn, increased traffic and online visibility.

13. By Understanding SEO, you’ll understand the online Environment

The online world is constantly changing, minute by minute, day by day. It can often be a challenge to stay on top of all of these new changes whilst running a business. By staying on top of SEO efforts you’re also staying in the loop for any major changes that may be taking place in the online world.

14. SEO Influences the Buying Cycle

Research is critical when it comes to SEO and real-time research is a huge part of this. You can actively use SEO tactics to present good deals and new services/products. Brands have to be visible in the places need them, this makes for a worthwhile connection. Local SEO enhances your overall visibility and allows customers to find you. When SEO is implemented correctly, it can drive a 14.6% conversion rate.

15. SEO is Permanent

Customers and consumers will always want to browse products and services online – Providers and brands will always need to present this information in the most cost-effective way.

The role of SEO may change, the strategies that make up SEO may change, new avenues may open up but the need for SEO will always be there.

If you would like to learn more about how an SEO strategy can help your business, order your free SEO audit from the leading SEO Services Cork organisation, Digital Funnel. Handling SEO, PPC, Web Design and more, Digital Funnel are the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Cork.

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