April 25, 2024

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4 Practical Tips to Know Your Restaurant’s Target Market

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Knowing your target market is the first step to grow your restaurant’s customers. This includes their demographics and lifestyle. 

Ideally, identifying your target client base for your restaurant will help you understand and create strategic efforts based on their influences. This goes from decision-making, the restaurant logo, the concept of your cuisine, and the menu QR code that play a role in the success of your restaurant business.

Identifying the target market is not that hard. This article will present you with practical ways to determine the clientele demographics for your business.

How to identify your restaurant’s demographics

Knowing who your customers are is in your restaurant’s best interests. Additionally, your customers appeal directly to your restaurant and formulate feedback that will help you grow. 

Here are tips on how to identify your restaurant’s client base.

  1. Conduct thorough research

Conducting research is an essential thing you will do in planning your business, thus, making you include the process of determining your client base. 

This goes beyond understanding your customer base; thus, you must also understand the marketplace. Google trends and other third-party apps will give you an insight by identifying and assessing the target market of your customers. 

Thus, the research you did will help you find new customers, enabling you to maximize the target reach of your restaurant.

  1. Analyze what your restaurant offers

You might be asking what analyzing your restaurant offers means. This goes beyond what your cuisine concept and theme are. 

Ask yourself what you should aim for if you have an Asian gourmet restaurant business or a Western cuisine restaurant. In this way, you can determine the kinds of customers, their specific age groups, and their preferences for who will potentially dine in your restaurant.

Luckily, you can use a digital restaurant menu QR code software to help you categorize the customers coming to your restaurant. The software will help you profile customers for more tailored and personalized services.

  1. Market segmentation of customer profiles

Organize a customer group according to demographics and psychographics. 

Psychographics is an approach where your target market research focuses on the psychological characteristics of customers, such as values, desires, interests, and lifestyle. On the other hand, the essential marketing research you will most likely conduct is identifying demographics, which ranges from determining the age, gender, background, and status of your customers.

Segmenting customer profiles using demographics and psychographics will help you comprehensively analyze your target market.

  1. Do a competitive analysis

Conducting competitive analysis will help you create strategic efforts to include that specific clientele who are not keen on your competitor’s businesses. You can use online tools to get insights and create a comparative report – from your cuisine and concept to demographics.

However, you are not avoiding going after a similar customer base, but you are aiming for a wider target market reach for the growth of your business.

Who knows, you might want to expand in the digital market and build an online presence through a website? This way, you can also reach customers on the internet and give them a glimpse of your restaurant.


Now that the article has provided you with practical ways to determine your target market, also consider other important business planning factors for the success of your restaurant.

Doing a target market research is only one step ahead in succeeding in a growing and improving restaurant business.

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