July 20, 2024

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75% Of SEOs Say Your Own Website Should Have Good SEO

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Brodie Clark posted an fascinating poll on Twitter inquiring if the Seo group agreed or not. The poll requested do you agree or disagree that “if you happen to be providing Search engine optimisation as a service, it is important that your own web site has very good Search engine marketing.”

The outcomes confirmed that 75% agreed with this statement, even though 25% disagreed. There have been 1,450 responses to the thread, 16.6% of which just required to see the outcomes – so I took those out to do these calculations.

In this article is the poll:

Equivalent reaction on LinkedIn:

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Right here are some of the responses that I found attention-grabbing on the thread:

You know what they say about the shoemaker…

Discussion board discussion at Twitter.

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