June 19, 2024

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Deer Hunting Trail Cameras – Brief History

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Over the past 3 decades there has been a lot of people, hunters, outdoor enthusiast, birders and more are wanting to see wildlife in a more natural setting. As well as wildlife management organizations.
With the advance in the technology of digital photography in the last 10 – 15 years that ‘want’ has become a reality with the advent of deer hunting trail cameras or trail cams for short.

Even as the technology has made deer cameras more accessible and inexpensive, these were not the first trail cams used.

Trail cameras actually started back in the late 1800s, if you can imagine that. Wildlife photographers would set up bulky box cameras on trip wires to catch wildlife in action in a natural setting. Of course these cameras were huge and did not take as many photos as today’s deer hunting trail cameras do but they would get some great pictures for the time and could publish them in wildlife magazines as they do today.

By the 1950s wildlife photographers were using 35mm cameras that could take many more photos, as many as 36 shots could be taken from those ‘modern day’ trail cams.

As the technology of deer hunting trail cameras rose in the ’80s and ’90s motion detection was being added to the still limited but useful 35mm cameras. Downfalls of the motion detection was there were lots of moving leaf pictures taken. So still not as perfect a system by today’s standards.

Although deer hunting trail cameras have been around for quite a while in one form or another, the use of these trail cams is still in use today and getting better every year.

There are many different types of trail cams on the market today. Choosing the right type, size, color, and features can make all the difference. Learn all you can about the different types and features before you purchase your deer hunting camera.

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