June 14, 2024

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Digital Graffiti Wall: Technology Meets Street Art

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Is a digital graffiti wall the billboard for the new millennium? It certainly sounds like it can be: creating graffiti art using a computer vision system is quickly gaining popularity. The system that allows art similar to traditional graffiti to be created on a large screen was inspired by the New York laser graffiti movement, and made possible by technology advances.

What exactly is a digital graffiti wall and how does it work? Digital graffiti wall is an interactive tool for creating digital graffiti on a large screen, using digital spray paint cans. These are specially adapted to emit IR (infrared) light when the cap is pressed – instead of regular paint. As it moves across the screen, the light is tracked by a computer vision system to recreate the “sprayed” images onto the wall using a projector.

Just like with the traditional graffiti, your art will appear on the wall wherever the can is prayed. You can choose between a wide palette of paint colors. There are also different spray patterns, such as animated stars or swirls, paint effects, and custom stencils available. They will make your creations look like authentic graffiti art. You can also have your guests stand in front of a screen projector in order to have their picture taken, and then projected onto the digital graffiti wall – where they can “artistically” enhance the photograph.

Interface graphics and backgrounds are fully customizable: you can, for example, add your logo and product images to the wall, or make the photo of your company headquarters the background. Designs can be saved in a standard jpeg format and uploaded to social media, emailed, or used in digital printing. The event can be a part of your social media campaign: during the event, you can upload pictures to your Facebook page, and ask your guests to “like” them.

You can even give your guests souvenirs such as t-shirts, mugs, stickers or postcards with their artwork printed on them. A digital graffiti wall will surely turn any event into an experience, and this will additionally prompt your guest not to forget your event.

Sounds fun and intriguing? Digital graffiti walls can be bought or hired for the event. What a great way to entertain – and engage – your guests at your next corporate event or a party! You can have an authentic graffiti experience with a digital twist: all this without the mess and toxic fumes.

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