April 25, 2024

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DIY Bike Wheels Welded With Rebar

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DIY Bike Wheels Welded With Rebar

[Liebregts] is working on a trike style, and needed a pair of wheels to go up entrance. Typical bicycle wheels wouldn’t do, as they are not made to do the job with a solitary-sided support. They also preferred to be capable to mount disc brakes. Hence, they set about setting up a established of personalized wheels to do the position.

The create started with a normal established of 20″ bike wheel rims with all the spokes taken out. A ring of metal rebar welded on the interior perimeter gave the rims much more energy. A set of hubs and axles have been then fabbed up with a welder and lathe, with provisions for bolting on disc brake components. Lengths of rebar were being then welded in as non-adjustable spokes. Subsequent, it was time for a coat of paint. At last [Liebregts] mounted the tires and brakes, and referred to as the career done.

Certainly, it is possible to buy wheels specially for trike builds. However, [Liebregts] identified it hard to obtain exactly what they preferred, notably where the disc brake alternative was worried. The greatest solution was a tailor made develop.  The ensuing wheels are obviously considerably heavier than conventional bike wheels, but they’re also possible a good bit more robust, way too. If you need to weigh down a tarpaulin, for instance, these wheels might just do the trick.

We have seen some other mad wheels on trikes right before, as well! Oh, and who says wheels want to be a total circle, in any case? Creativeness will in no way cease to amaze!

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