February 25, 2024

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DVD Drives Turned Into Microscopes

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DVD Drives Turned Into Microscopes

With the advent of streaming companies, a good deal of men and women are opting to forego the selection of bodily media. In change, there are now a great deal of optical drives sitting unused in areas bins and old computers. If you’d like a little something helpful to do with this now-obsolete technologies, you can have a try at turning 1 into a laser microscope.

This construct needs two DVD pickups. By scanning at the time horizontally and the moment vertically and measuring the returning mild from the DVD laser, an picture can be created. For this construct, the 2nd pickup is utilized to go the item by itself. The entire machine is managed by an Analog Discovery 2, whilst this principle could be ported to other microcontroller platforms. Thanks to the really good laser in a DVD and the exact movements of the motors located in the command machinery, the illustrations or photos obtained making use of this strategy have the probable to be a lot more specific than comparable obvious light microscopes.

Even though this isn’t rather scanning electron microscope territory, it is superior adequate to plainly graphic the interior workings of a de-capped integrated circuit. Some thing like this could be indispensable for reverse-engineering ICs or troubleshooting other comparably modest electronics, with resolutions larger than can normally be received with visible gentle microscopes. We’ve even noticed very similar builds in the past which build microscopes like this as committed lab tools.

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