July 23, 2024

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How to Avoid Google SEO Penalties

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is indeed very useful to increase your website’s visibility, provided you use it with caution. The popular saying, “Too much of anything is good for nothing” applies very well in this case. Overuse of SEO techniques can prompt Google to ban your website from their search results. In a hurry to rank a website on the top spot on Google search results, some SEO companies use unethical blackhat techniques like spam, excessive backlinking, and duplicate content to get around Google’s search algorithm.

Most people all over the world use Google to look for information about almost anything one can imagine. Google depends on its highly reputed search quality to survive in its business. When websites with poor-quality or irrelevant information come up on the top of its search results, its very purpose of being a quality search engine is defeated. Google considers it a prestige issue to make sure that its search quality is intact.

By taking into account the different illegal techniques used by blackhat SEOs, Google has updated its search algorithm to find and ban the spammers, and irrelevant websites that use illegal means to stay on top of the search results. Google penalty is the term that refers to Google’s action of banning or dropping the search engine rankings of a website in its search results. If your website is by any chance over-optimized, it is highly likely that you may be banned or de-ranked on Google’s search results.

You can avoid the Google penalties on your website by paying a little attention while optimizing your website. Always choose the services of an SEO Company that uses ethical techniques to improve a website’s ranking. Watch out for SEO services that use illegal methods like, comment spamming, unscrupulous backlinking and others.

Avoid inorganic or paid backlinks, because Google has a mechanism to identify backlinks that are irrelevant to a website. You should rather focus on getting natural backlinks by hosting useful information on your website. When you put up some useful information related to your business, it is highly likely that your potential customer may find your web content interesting and refer to it from other websites and online forums, thereby earning you backlinks.

No matter how appealing it may seem, never rely on comment spamming, because it not only does earn you Google penalties, but also harm your business’s reputation. A spam comment like, “Hi, Nice blog. Looking for more from you. Visit http: //… ” is not only irritating, but also easily identified by Google. The presence of such comments can get your website blacklisted by Google.

Another SEO practice to look out for is the use of plagiarized content. Copying and pasting the fruits of somebody’s hard work is not only illegal, but also indecent. Never use duplicate content on your website, because Google can easily find plagiarized content and impose its penalties on your website. Choose a professional content writer to write original content for your website. Choose an SEO Service that offers excellent content writing services.

Be honest and focus more on providing quality information than selling. Use SEO only as a guide to focus your Internet marketing campaigns. Choose the services of an SEO Company that has an eye for actually marketing your business rather than just focussing on search engine ranking.

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