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How to Set Up a Simple Grafana Cloud Monitoring Dashboard for Your Linux Server

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How to Set Up a Simple Grafana Cloud Monitoring Dashboard for Your Linux Server

Graphic showing the Grafana logo

Grafana is an open up-resource observability platform for creating dashboards that visualize datasets. You can use it to conveniently watch server stats these types of as CPU intake, network throughput, and uptime.

image of a Grafana Cloud Linux server monitoring dashboard


Grafana can be self-hosted or accessed as a SaaS resolution through the official Grafana Cloud instance. In this report, you will discover how to set up Grafana Cloud and configure it to present essential metrics from a Linux server. You’ll use the official Grafana Agent to obtain the information and mail it to Grafana.

Receiving Begun With Grafana Cloud

Commence by signing up for a absolutely free Grafana Cloud account. You can insert up to 10,000 knowledge metrics utilizing the no cost program, as very well as up to 50 GB each of stored logs and traces. Your information will be retained for 14 days.

image of the Grafana Cloud welcome screen

Stick to the signal up technique right until you attain the welcome screen. You can accessibility it by clicking the Grafana icon in the major-remaining of the aspect menu if you conclude up in a various location.

Introducing Your Server as a Information Resource

As soon as you’re on the welcome display screen, simply click the blue “Connect data” button to commence placing up your dashboard. You’ll arrive on the Integrations and Connections site. These supply pre-created dashboard layouts with formally supported connectors for popular knowledge resources. They’re the fastest way to get Grafana up and functioning.


Either scroll down or use the searchbar to find the “Linux Server” integration. Click its tile to look at the information page. This supplies a description of the integration and its use recommendations.

image of the Linux integration in Grafana Cloud


Transform the operating technique and system architecture parameters in the “Choose your OS” section to match the equipment you’ll be checking.

image of the Linux integration in Grafana Cloud

Up coming scroll down the web site and press the blue “Install integration” button to increase the dashboards to your account.

image of Grafana Cloud Linux integration set up instructions

Putting in Grafana Agent on Your Server

The website page will update to display a Grafana Agent installation script. The script downloads the appropriate Agent binary for the system you selected and immediately configures authentication with your Grafana Cloud API critical.

image of Grafana Cloud Linux integration set up instructions

Open a terminal to your server and operate the shown script.

$ sudo ARCH=amd64 GCLOUD_STACK_ID="XXXXX" GCLOUD_API_Crucial="XXXXXX" GCLOUD_API_URL="https://integrations-api-eu-west.grafana.web" /bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"
Unpacking grafana-agent (.25.1-1) in excess of (.25.1-1) ...
Location up grafana-agent (.25.1-1) ...
--- Retrieving config and putting in /and so on/grafana-agent.yaml
    enabled: real
    - substitute: hostname
      concentrate on_label: instance
  - simple_auth:
      password: ...
      username: ...
    url: https://prometheus-prod-01-eu-west-.grafana.web/api/prom/thrust
--- Enabling and setting up
Made symlink /and so on/systemd/method/multi-consumer.goal.would like/grafana-agent.provider → /usr/lib/systemd/procedure/grafana-agent.assistance.

Grafana Agent is now jogging! To verify the status of your Agent, operate:
   sudo systemctl status grafana-agent.service

Grafana Agent is a small version of the Prometheus data collector. It runs as a services that periodically scrapes metrics and logs from your equipment. Installation is successful if you see the Grafana Agent is now jogging message at the conclusion of the script’s output.

image of Grafana Cloud Linux integration set up instructions

You can verify that facts is flowing into your Grafana account by urgent the blue “Test integration” button back again in the world-wide-web UI. Soon after the check completes, push the substitution “View dashboards” button to begin searching your server’s metrics.

Working with the Dashboards

The Linux Server integration is also referred to as Node Exporter as it’s based on the Prometheus collector of the similar name. It exports metrics from your compute nodes. Your dashboards will be grouped into a folder named “Integration – Linux Node” by default. You can transform this title by heading to the folder’s Configurations tab.

image of Grafana dashboards provided by the Linux integration in the dashboards screen

Two dashboards are involved with the integration. The “Node Exporter / Nodes” dashboard presents an overview of procedure source utilization. CPU utilization, load normal, and memory use graphs are proven prominently at the top of the look at. You will come across graphs of disk use and network website traffic further more down, followed by the contents of your server’s system logs.


image of the Grafana Linux Node Exporter dashboard showing disk utilization metrics

The USE Technique dashboard variant provides the knowledge from the point of view of the USE observability approach. USE stands for Utilization, Saturation, and Faults:

  • Utilization is the share of time that a unique resource is consumed for, these types of as existing CPU utilization.
  • Saturation is the total of function that source performs, this kind of as the recent load regular.
  • Problems is the range of error activities that come about about a certain interval.

The USE system dashboard delivers aspect-by-side graphs of utilization and saturation for just about every components resource. Technique logs are offered as panels at the bottom, enabling detection of reported errors.

image of the Grafana Linux Node Exporter dashboard with the USE method

Dashboards routinely refresh while you’re viewing them. You can alter the update interval utilizing the dropdown menu in the top-ideal. It defaults to 30 seconds. This space of the display screen also is made up of controls for changing the noticeable timeframe and switching between show modes. Clicking the screen icon in the top rated-right activates kiosk manner, excellent when you are using Grafana on a substantial show in a shared room.


Grafana Cloud can make it simple to set up innovative server checking dashboards employing Grafana Agent with the Linux Server integration. It offers pre-developed dashboards so you do not will need to manually manipulate metrics or set up graphical panels.

The integration is a commencing position that’s ready to be personalized to match your observability desires. You can modify the dashboards by introducing new metrics and changing how current kinds are shown. Simply click the settings cog icon in the top-right of the dashboard, then press the “Make editable” button to empower the enhancing controls. This will enable you incorporate new panels to your dashboards and adjust their variables and screen options in the settings.

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