February 23, 2024

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Linux 6.0 kernel arrives, quietly

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The Linux 6. kernel has been produced with changes impacting regions these kinds of as chip components support, timer registers, and XFS file systems. Larger changes such as Rust programming language help are lined up for Linux 6.1.

Unveiling of the kernel was introduced by Linux founder Linus Torvalds in a bulletin on Oct 2. The bulletin cites many adjustments including appropriate enablement of registers prior to accessing timers as nicely as making sure that all MACs are run down ahead of reset and only carrying out PLL once following a reset. Other variations, cited by the lwn.net news internet site for Linux, incorporate buffered writes to XFS file techniques and zero-duplicate network transmission with io_uring.

“So, as is with any luck , clear to everyone, the major variation range change is more about me jogging out of fingers and toes than it is about any huge elementary adjustments,” Torvalds stated. “But of course there is a whole lot of various changes in 6. — we have received more than 15,000 non-merge commits in there in total, after all, and as such 6. is
one of the greater releases at the very least in figures of commits in a though.”

Torvalds was established to open the merge window for Linux 6.1, with a selection of “core things” lined up for it. 1 probable addition to the kernel is accommodation of the Rust language, which could come about future 12 months.

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