February 25, 2024

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Reimagined Ramen Comes In Edible Package

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A hand holds a round disc of noodles wrapped in a translucent film with herb specs embedded in it.

Hackers and university pupils alike access for ramen when they want to fuel up on a budget, but, if you are concerned about packaging squander, the plastic movie and foil packets start to weigh on your conscience. [Holly Grounds] was ill of this compromise and came up with a way to have your packaging and eat it way too.

[Holly] initially experimented with distinct bioplastics until she made a recipe for “an edible, tasteless starch-centered bioplastic, that dissolves in get hold of with boiling water.” With that completed, she subsequent built-in flavoring into the bioplastic wrapper so that there’s no foil packet. She uncovered that herbs and spices worked, but larger solids like shrimp could not be incorporated into the movie.

For the ending contact, she fashioned the noodles into a disk so they fit better in a bowl for cooking. To prepare dinner the noodles, you remove a puck from the wax paper sleeve holding a number of servings, include boiling h2o, stir, and take pleasure in. [Holly] says that her ramen packets are a lot quicker to put together than existing packets since there are fewer techniques and the form is optimized for cooking. That is a earn-win for the planet and benefit.

If you want to see a different pasta packaging marvel, we’ve previously covered Flat Pack Pasta. Have your own challenge to decrease packaging squander? Post it to the Preserve the Earth Wildcard spherical of the Hackaday Prize which closes on Oct 16th!

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