April 25, 2024

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Testers Vs Developers

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The specialists of a software testing company make the day-to-day life of an ordinary user brighter and more diverse with the help of different applications, websites, and other software titles. The purpose of software product testing is to ensure the top-quality of the new product.

The software development cycle involves many stages and a significant number of people with different sorts of duties and tasks in order to achieve the final goal and maintain the continuous process – quality assurance.

A QA team consists of many specialists among whom two specific groups are distinguished: development team and test team. Despite one goal, they have an individual approach to its realization. Executing their responsibilities, developers want to create the system, while the testers, performing either manual or automated testing, try to find the way to break it.

What Does It Mean to Be a Smart Specialist?

  • A smart tester should be stress-resistant and avoid conflicts. He knows that the end users like to examine the new application or game by themselves, so a system should be tested with the negative scenarios, firstly. A smart tester bases his work on the users’ expectations.
  • A smart developer should respond positively and adequately towards all assigned bugs, detected by testers. His task is to analyze the problem, understand the main reason, and fix it. The smart developer, as opposed to testers, follows the available requirements and, hence, the client’s expectations.

Having read the above-mentioned items, it may seem that these are two different worlds which do not cross each other. That is not true. Only their cooperative activity at each stage of the software development life cycle will be fruitful in the future.

What Are the Differences of Tester’s and Developer’s Duties at Each Stage of the SDLC?

  1. Requirements analysis. At the planning stage, a developer examines available requirements and writes code accordingly, while a tester already thinks over the possible negative scenarios which may be acted by the end users.
  2. Coding. A developer executes its main responsibility for the system designing, based strictly on the available documentation. A tester prepares to the worst, he writes test cases which further may break the system.
  3. The system implementation. When a developer implements its work, he thinks about the system functionality. A tester, preparing user interface testing, functional testing, website testing or application testing, wants to test it in all possible way.
  4. Software testing. At this step a developer tests the developed system, using QA environment and then sends it to a tester with the comment that a system operates in the accordance with the requirements. A tester starts its creative activities for the test cases running.
  5. Support stage. The mutual efforts of the developers and testers take place in this phase of the software development. In the case of some problems and negative users’ feedback, the testers and developers should cooperatively solve the issues.

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