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Waking Watch Relief Fund Data as of 31 July 2021

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We are publishing data on the progress of the Waking Watch Relief Fund demonstrating the number of applications and buildings that have been approved for funding; the funding amounts; as well as a detailed breakdown of administering authorities’ data. The data will be updated regularly.

Table 1. First and second application window (data as of 31 July 2021)

Title 1st application window 2nd application window Total
No. of applications 213 60 273
No. of buildings 298* 70 368*
No. of successful applications** 157 22 179
No. of successful buildings** 235* 29 264
No. of rejected applications** 30 28 58
Amount of funding approved** £19.8m £2.7m £22.5m
Mean Waking Watch cost per dwelling per month*** £113
Median Waking Watch cost per dwelling per month*** £77

*GLA are continuing to assess buildings and data is not yet complete for applicants in London.
**Not final figures as assessment is still ongoing.
***Excluding GLA figures due to missing data; also; some missing data in Greater Manchester; currently excludes 2nd tranche MHCLG. Within the data provided there is a large range of Waking Watch costs with some high outliers. Therefore, both the mean and median are included in the table as large outliers can skew the mean but have little impact on the median.

Table 2. Split by administering authority. First application window only (data as of 31 July 2021)

Local authority Applications Approved applications Rejected applications Pending applications Buildings Approved buildings Approved funding
Birmingham 9 8 1 0 9 8 £1.6m
Bristol*** 3 2 0 1 3 2 £0.1m
Greater London Authority*** 111 71 16 24 159* 114 £8.3m
Greater Manchester Combined Authority 25 20 5 0 38 33 £2.5m
Leeds 10 10 0 0 12 12 £2.0m
Liverpool 19 17 2 0 20 18 £1.7m
MHCLG 27 21 6 0 47 39 £2.8m
Newcastle 3 3 0 0 3 3 £0.3m
Sheffield 6 5 0** 0 7 6 £0.5m

*GLA are continuing to assess buildings and data is not yet complete for applicants in London.
**One of Sheffield’s applications withdrew.
***Assessment of applications is ongoing and data will be updated as further assessments are made.

Data quality

Data is provided by applicants to the Waking Watch Relief Fund, with some local authorities administering the fund. MHCLG does not have full oversight of their systems and quality procedures. Guidance and documentation is available throughout the application process.

Although some data cleaning took place to exclude duplicate applications, the data provided was not subject to additional quality assurance. Data providers were not, for example, contacted for clarifications and corrections unless necessary for assessing the eligibility of the application.

Applications for the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the second application window are still being processed. Data will be updated in future releases as these applications are processed. Estimated average Waking Watch costs per dwelling per month as of 31 July 2021 exclude this data.

Average monthly Waking Watch costs per dwelling are based on data for 79 out of 86 approved applications from the first application window, excluding London. Data is still being collected. As such there is missing data across a number of fields, for example Waking Watch costs and number of dwellings, and averages are calculated on a subset of applications. The median waking watch cost per dwelling per month is based on building level data as dwelling level data is not available.

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