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The 4 Best TV Sitcoms of All Time

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20 Best TV Shows of All Time - Best TV Series Ever

The first U.S sitcom ever aired on television was in 1947 and went by the name of “Mary Kay and Johnny”. The story of the said sitcom revolved around an uptight band employee and his hilarious wife. The show portrayed some groundbreaking scenarios like showing a married couple sharing a bed on TV for the first time. Unfortunately, only one complete episode of the show was aired on TV, but it is still considered a cultural cornerstone.

Like games shows, soap operas, and thrillers, comedy TV shows also known as sitcoms have existed for the longest time. The best of this genre mostly revolves around dysfunctional workplaces, bickering families, or a group of friends that are considered misfits. You can view these TV shows via different platforms. You can either use a streaming platform or watch these sitcoms on TV but make sure you subscribe to a reliable TV service, in case you haven’t, call on Spectrum TV Customer Service to subscribe to a TV service plan that best fits your needs.

In this article, we’ll mention some of the best TV sitcoms of all time that you can enjoy binge-watching over the weekend.


  • Big Bang Theory

This is one of the best TV sitcoms of all time, mostly because it didn’t take that long to find itself. The show started off with a bang and made it possible for viewers to laugh at nerdy men, who are socially awkward. The show perfectly blends modern themes with old-school formulas. It is an American sitcom that revolves around five characters, four of whom are well-established science professionals, whose life changes socially when a struggling actress moves across the hall in their building. The series had mixed reviews in the beginning but grew to impress a wider audience and now is known as one of the best TV shows of all time.


  • Brooklyn 99

Consistency has been the most important virtue for Brooklyn 99, as since the start it has maintained a reputation of consistently entertaining its viewers with light comedy. This American sitcom revolves around a precinct that operates in Brooklyn. The intellectual but serious Captain Raymond Holt is appointed as the new commanding officer of the 99 precincts. He wants to inspire the detectives under him and attempts to enforce changes that help the detectives change for the better. Among the six detectives, one sergeant and one assistant, the most troublesome and mischievous detective areis, Jake Peralta. The odd yet hilarious chemistry between Jake and Holt is the highlight of the show. The show humorously narrates the life of everyone in the precinct, shedding light on the multiple dynamic and dysfunctional duos that exist within the group.


  • How I Met Your Mother?

People have had some skeptical views about this one. Some say that it is a shorthand rip-off of the widely popular TV show Friends, while some say it has a repetitive storyline but nevertheless despite all of that the show was able to attract the attention of millions. This sitcom revolved around five friends. It is a narration of how one of the friends, Ted, met the mother of his children. The show despite some problematic reviews about the Ted biased narration of the story was among the highly-rated shows airing on CBS.


  • Friends

Can any sitcom list be complete without the mention of the widely popular and critically acclaimed NBS TV show, Friends?  This American sitcom narrates the lives of a tightly knit group of six friends. Two high school friends Rachel and Monica, who end up living together after Rachel runs off from her wedding, Monica’s brother who is madly in love with Rachel since high school, Ross’s college roommate who lives across the hall from Monica and shares the apartment with a struggling actor Joey. The odd one out is the dynamically different Phoebe, who was Monica’s ex-housemate.  

The highlight of the show is the undivided loyalty shared between the six individuals which appealed to the audience the most. It is for that reason that the show still has a wide audience even though it has been off-air for the past seventeen years.


Wrapping Up

Comedy is one of the favorite genres of the viewers. So much so that, more often than not, even the worst sitcoms are able to garner millions of viewers. The above-mentioned are the highly-acclaimed TV shows which did not only capture the attention of millions when they were on air but are still widely popular after being off the air for quite some time.


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